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Welcome to Primal ApoE4

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Is it an ancestral super-allele or a slow-motion Alzheimer’s death sentence?  It depends what you eat and how you play.

This is a blog for carriers of the Apolipoprotein allele ε4, as well as researchers and others interested.  Our perspective is:

  • Practical – interested in taking action to maximize our health.
  • Primal – we believe that selectively emulating aspects of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, such as diet, is a powerful general strategy for health, and that this is especially true for us ApoE4s, since it’s a pre-agricultural allele.
The blog was started by Patri Friedman, an E4/E4, because there seems to be no good central resources for E4s to share practical information and research. I haven’t had time to keep this blog very active, and so guest posts, links, and academic articles are welcome.  And I’m especially interested in finding other co-bloggers to help run the site – so if you’re a health-conscious E4 whose going to be researching your condition anyway, consider joining us and writing up your findings to share with others!
Contact patrissimo-at-gmail.com.

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July 15, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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