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Exercise strongly preventative for E4s

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Exercise strongly preventative for E4s

From the NYT Well Blog: How Exercise May Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay, on an Alzheimer’s/exercise study that, like many new studies, included the APOE status of participants.  The key result:

For the group as a whole, exercise provided marginal benefits…barely reaching the level of statistical significance.  

That situation changed, however, when the scientists examined the results for people with the e4 gene variant. Most of those who carried the APOE-e4 gene displayed much larger accumulations of amyloid plaques than those without it.

Unless they exercised. The carriers of the gene who reported walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes five times a week had plaque accumulation similar to that of volunteers who were e4-negative. In essence, the APOE-e4 gene carriers mitigated their inherited risk for developing Alzheimer’s by working out.

We E4s are like thoroughbred racehorses – we need our daily pace around the track.  Lock us in a barn, and our brains turn to mush.  The modern lifestyle has the same effect – but it’s easily remedied.  Just go take a damn walk, or bike to work, or whatever.  It’ll be fun – and stave off the mush.


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